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THIRTY YEARS WITH FIGHTING DOGS - by George Armitage, PETE SPARKS RE- PRINT hard cover book.

This important book was first published in 1935 and written back in the early 20th century and it is a true classic in the history of the American pit bull. It has rare early photos and accounts of famous dogs including Galvin's Pup, John Noonan's Brandy, Tanner, Shipley's Pearlie, Saddler's Bozo, Dugan's Pat, and others. We are proud to offer a limited quantity of the Sparks 1970s reprinted 1935 books in hard covers for $150.00 USD with free US shipping, international shipping to be quoted.



THE SPORTING BULL TERRIER - Eugene Glass, originally written in 1910, this is the 1970s reprint done by Pete Sparks in hard cover.

  Another classic early historical book which is very rare and expensive in the original printing, this older reprint is of excellent quality and superior to the new paper backs on the market.  The book details management and care, training,rules and general information about pit bulls and bull terriers in the early 1900s.  There are old photos of famous dogs and about 18 pages of old ads for dogs and equipment.  Add this one to your collection, the Sparks reprint is $80.00 USD, free US shipping, international shipping to be quoted.